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Finissage in der BUNKERHILLGalerie

[:de]Die Gruppenausstellung THE WORST CASE in der BUNKERHILLGalerie endet mit einer Finissage. Die Sängerin Ulrike…

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TRIP DETROIT Ausstellung im Wendland

Samstag, 6.Mai ab 18 Uhr beginnt die Vernissage Es spricht Nils arne Kässens Leiter des…

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A little documentary of my travelling to Gambia! lay back, relax and enjoy the sun…

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Just art in your face

Brozilla - The Detroit Hamtramck Experience

Moin and Hello - Hope you`re doing well

For me, graffiti, street art & urban art are a direct expression of the commitment to your own city, a commitment to life in this world.

The design of as many public places as possible is a passion of mine and a motor which is constantly running – sometimes leisurely, often at full blast, but consistently forward!

Take a look at my site. Besides my projects, I also offer workshops.

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If you have any questions or are thinking about placing an order – just drop me a few lines!