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“Each one, teach one“

One of the principles of HipHop culture is the transfer of knowledge to others so that the culture can grow and continue. Thereby, it makes no difference whether you are an interested individual, or whether you are planning an event with friends. Whether it is team building in an employee coaching session or your are looking for creative processes in a brainstorming session. My workshops can specifically address the needs of my customers and illuminate different facets.

As a rule, I conduct my workshops with 5-12 participants. Individuals can register for a workshop list via the application form and are informed about the next open group meeting. Individual workshops are only given in exceptional cases and must be specifically requested. My workshops take place all over Germany. Outside of the greater Hamburg area, however, the availability of a suitable space is a prerequisite.

This is how my workshops look!

What can you learn in my courses?

Basically it is about creatively expressing your own personality with the spray can.

The basic courses described below provide a framework program. Courses for advanced students or specific questions and topics are possible at any time and simply need to be requested!

I offer these courses

Stencil- & Street Art Workshop

In my basic street art workshop (depending on the choice 4-10 hours), I convey a basic knowledge of the history of street art and the different techniques that are commonly used. An introduction to the correct use and application of aerosol cans is a fundamental part of the workshop.

The emphasis is on the own implementation of a stencil-graffiti (stencil technique) with your own motif on canvas. In doing so, we address the questions: How do I create a motif for the stencil template? How and with which tool do I cut a stencil? How do I manage to spray my created motif on a canvas?

Graffiti Workshop

In my basic graffiti workshop, I attach great importance to imparting basic knowledge on hip-hop culture, on the history of the emergence of graffiti, and on the approach of a non-violent and respectful form of communication.

The basic graffiti workshop covers a minimum of 20 hours and begins with the creation of your own graffiti name as a “tag” (the so-called name tag), the learning of different writing styles (“Styles”) on paper and ends with the design of a surface on a wall (legal graffiti surface, surface at school buildings or companies, projection walls). An introduction to the correct use and application of aerosol cans is a fundamental part of the workshop.

Book me!

If I have sparked your interest, simply write to me. I am happy to call you back and we can discuss it in peace. My email can be found under Contacts.