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Graffiti is not just a joke - it`s my tribute to the people

For me, graffiti is first and foremost the joy of artistically designing a wall surface. In an urban area, my pictures are generally exposed to the public and directly viewed and critiqued by the audience that is not composed of experts like at a gallery exhibition but rather represents a cross-section of the population structure. This form of indirect communication is part of each of my art works.

Some of my recent stuff - enjoy!

A little bit about me and my daily work

For over 20 years, I have been practicing the art of classical graffiti “stylewriting”, that is the creative design of lettering. Over the years, the focus gradually shifted away from the diffusion of my own name. Nowadays, I focus more on the environment and the people who live there, certainly also a result from my stays abroad and the desire to take the themes that are implemented on canvas more and above all in a bigger fashion into the public sphere.

Commissions ?

The design of one’s “own” graffiti has always been very popular. Whether as a classic advertising means to embellish your business or to give your company an individual touch. Sometimes even just to counter the illegal designs on the surfaces you own or simply because it pleases you.
No matter whether it is a wall or facade, a truck or a camper.
Together we can develop a suitable motif and work on a joint implementation.

Book me!

If I have sparked your interest, simply write to me. I am happy to call you back and we can discuss it in peace. My email can be found under Contacts.

    Contract Work!

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    If you have any questions or are thinking about placing an order – just drop me a few lines!