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"The Picture has to be painted, either way -if it`s nice or not! "

Canvas Art - the picture has to be painted..

While graffiti for me is mainly about the joy of, together with friends, designing a wall, if possible in large format and beautifully, canvasses are rather a complex mixture of psychotherapy and rebellion.

Anger and criticism, grief and shame, perhaps also love and laughter, but definitely always paired with a trace of psychedelic utopia. The picture itself has to be painted anyway, whether it is beautiful or not!

Some of my recent stuff - enjoy!

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Canvas works are part of my free artistic form of expression.
In terms of content, the work deals with topics that surround me in a rapidly changing urban society.
If you are interested in individual works or for any exhibition requests, please use the contact form.

In exceptional cases I also create canvasses on request.